10 Tips for New RN Travelers

1) Research IRS travel and expense info at IRS publication 463.
Call them if you have ?’s (they’re pretty nice and free).

2) Research agency and hospital reviews

3) Research max per diem stipends for housing and meals at the GSA per diem website.
Agencies won’t give you 100% but they should be close.

4) Research the market on Travel RN Jobs in CA Group (facebook group that lists 1000’s of jobs w pay).

5) Research housing costs on Airbnb, VRBO and Craigslist.
Put your own ad on Craiglist, drive around, ask at orientation.
Find your own housing, you’ll be happier and make more $.
Don’t book your housing until you see it.
Book a hotel for a week, then go look.
There’s nothing like seeing neighborhoods, meeting your new landlord and looking at the place.
Also you have to be sure you’re going to make it through orientation.

6) Research your questions first. Use the search bar to search a group. Some questions have been asked before.

7) Don’t take a contract for less than $1500 gross. $2000 for California and big cities.
Taking low ball contracts means you’re driving down rates for all travel nurses.
You have to duplicate expenses to get stipends and lower than that will mean you’ll
be living like a student not a traveling professional nurse.

8) Read your contract; every word.

9) If you don’t like or agree with or understand something have it removed or changed or explained
Don’t sign if you don’t agree with every word.

10) Enjoy!
Go see the sights.
Eat the local food.
Hang out with local people.
Volunteer, it’s a nice way to meet people & makes you happy.
Each hospital has at least one thing you can learn from or they do well, find it.
Take lots of pictures, Share some with us.

If you have more then these 10 tips for new RN travelers, please share. We will add them to this post..

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